Current events:

- Deeper Than I Thought is finally available! We received the CDs this week, and we’re getting the store page updated so you can purchase them from us directly or through CDBaby. For anyone anxious and digitally inclined, you can click on the Digstation link on our homepage to download the whole album or just the songs you like right now! We’ll also be set up through iTunes and a few other digital outlets, more on that as it progresses…

- Practice sessions for the Juanita’s show on July 27th are still going great, we’re really excited about playing it. If you’re in the area, come out and support local artists!

- As of this writing, the song ‘Deeper Than I Thought’ is enjoying 822 plays on the NEW! Discover Music website, thanks very much for everyone who’s taken the time to listen! ‘Afterthought’ seems to have won the vote on which song should be uploaded so we’ll get the ball rolling on that, keep your eyes/ears open for it!

- I goofed, by the way; the number for the Edge is 501-433-1003! See what insomnia gets you?

- A special thanks in advance to Movie Magic in Fountain Lake for carrying our cd; we’re working on a retail page for the site that will list everywhere that it’s available.

That’s all that I can think of right now, of course I’m sure there’s more that I’ve neglected to mention, I’ll post it as it comes to me. Thanks for your support and time, drop a line in the guestbook for us to let us know what you think!