Pieces Missing

Pieces Missing

by Stillframe

Released 2016
Replay Records
Released 2016
Replay Records
  • 02:53 Lyrics Pieces Missing



    Choose your love or choose your suffering

    Each become the other's company

    The big decide

    To pick your side

    Leaves one half lacking what the other needs



    What takes up the empty space

    Pushing you out of your place

    There's no learning letting go

    Only how to live with those

    Pieces missing



    Carry on with what you're carrying

    Souvenirs of the abandoning

    So pass the burden

    Draw the curtain

    One side lacking what the other sees

  • 03:03 Lyrics Half Asleep


    I've been sleepwalking for years

    Circadian is out of gear

    A daze of days, a newsprint smear

    They waste away, I'll wait right here

    Stumbling through every day

    Like it's just a passing phase

    Want to try to make a change

    Not enough to stay awake



    Go back to sleep

    The only way

    I know how to keep

    It together



    Find a way to cure the day

    Waiting to be stuck in place

    I'll do whatever you say

    Mind is wandering away

    So use me however you please

    Take your time, I'll take my leave

    Happily your everything

    I'll be happy half asleep

  • 02:54 Lyrics Time and Place


    Get back again

    Go someplace better

    Get over it

    Go write a letter


    Hung up on what you couldn't save

    What's done and gone and given




    To time and place


    To waste

    And be erased



    Make peace again

    Mean something better

    Make promises

    Go read a letter



    Looking for the answer

    Waiting for your answer

    Maybe it's the answer

    That you gave your answer


  • 03:25 Lyrics Sea Change


    And just like that, a change of sea

    To wash away the ground from underneath

    Like children try to be

    All grown to think that they know everything

    It's easy to believe



    But stapled on wings won't let you fly

    A leap of faith and down fell the sky

    A lesson to be left lessened by

    A trade off mistake in place of time



    And just like that a sea of change

    To wash away the same and rearrange

    Like children try to say

    The words they feel without words to convey

    It's looking for relief



    A leap of faith that's really just escape

    A sign of hope to cope that was just to pray

    The ground beneath to fall away

    The sky above to fall away

    The ground beneath to fall away

    The sky above to fall


  • 03:52 Lyrics Letdown


    I'm down to skin and bone

    And hopelessness

    The letdown of living off

    The left unsaid



    How far to dig out of a hole when down's what you know

    How hard to turn yourself around when down's where you go

    How many questions have an end when that's all you know

    How hard to not stare at the ground when that's where you go



    The question's answering

    Is meaningless

    The letdown of living as

    The left instead



    How far to the bottom

    How far to go

  • 03:19 Lyrics Lockstep


    I guess the joke's on me

    Caught up in the machine

    Such cunning subtlety

    I never felt a thing


    Caught up in your excess

    I never felt like less

    Join in with all the rest and



    Fall into the lockstep

    Fall and cut your losses

    A sacrifice of conscience

    So fall into the lockstep


    I feel so perfect

    I feel pathetic

    I feel like you



    I never chose to be

    Part of a symmetry

    Conscious commodity

    Fed through a flashing screen


    Rebuilt in your image

    I never felt like less

    Join in with all the rest and

  • 03:49 Lyrics Choice


    Looking back at the wreckage site

    And feeling dumb to be surprised

    Looking back takes up all my time

    For feeling numb with what I find



    It's not a choice to throw it all away

    It's a tragedy

    To take away the beauty you create

    For your own relief



    What's the less painless way to pray

    Than as the one who holds the plate

    What's the less shameful thing to say

    Goodbye or I love you anyway



    Choices going on

    Even though you're gone

    Even with the cost sweetly lost to you

    It's hard to understand

    How to take a hand

    When yours was the one I was sure that I knew

    I was sure that I knew

    I was sure that I knew

  • 03:23 Lyrics Hypocrite


    Gathering your stones

    Every one you've thrown

    Build them up into an altar you can look down from

    Pass your judgements down

    And point your finger 'round

    Fill us up with all the answers you claim to have found



    A better way

    By doing what you say

    I get a better view

    By watching what you do



    Don't tell me what is right when you can't look me in the eye

    Don't tell me who to blame when everybody is the same

    Everything you say part of a lie that you maintain

    You give yourself away just like it's written on your face




    So practiced for the preach

    Let's see your actions speak

    As loud as all the words you throw to those down at your feet

    But there's nothing to prove

    When everyone's subdued

    Resigned to blindly doing anything you tell them to

  • 02:39 Lyrics Unless


    Isn't it a little quick to get

    The lesson from the learning that just left

    It doesn't seem that anything

    Repeats itself



    Maybe everything is tricks of light

    The day pretends to make the way for night

    It doesn't seem to mean a thing

    Beside itself




    Unless is more or less unsure

    It's what we tell ourselves it's for

    And not much more




    Isn't it a little comforting

    Making up a story to go to sleep

    It doesn't need to be believed

    To make it real



    Isn't it a game for memory

    To change a pain from plain to bittersweet

    It doesn't seem to hurt at first

    Or make things worse


  • 03:09 Lyrics Waiting


    Given to memory

    That's not supposed to be

    Locked in the scenery

    Hollow apologies


    While standing where you fall

    For standing where you fall



    In a place of doubt

    Need a way back out

    Need to wait it out

    I've been waiting


    Lost to a reverie

    That's not reality

    Stuck on a missing piece

    Lacking a remedy


    For standing where you fall

    While standing where you fall



    Given to time

    Caught in a moment

    To forget

    That won't let

    At least not yet