Shelter - Turn To Stone

Turn to Stone

by Shelter

Released August 2015
Replay Records
Released August 2015
Replay Records
  • 06:06 Lyrics The Moments

    Find myself content to be
    Watching, waiting in the wings
    Contagious commodity, the sirens sing
    Searching for the words to say
    Speak them as they go away
    Hoping that to you they mean something

    I'm afraid to speak outside of subtlety
    A device I use to mask my honesty
    But if I admit the way I really feel
    Everything I call a dream you claim is real

    But it's out of reach, right in front of me
    What I want to be is what I'm lacking
    Hiding constantly what is underneath
    Makes the moments seem bittersweet

    Wish that I could be the same
    Disparate and unashamed
    Look at all the changing shapes, the sirens say
    Take a parcel piece of me
    Anything you want to see
    I'm yours for the offering, so it would seem

  • 03:46 Lyrics Demand/Supply

    Moment consumed inside a second
    Here's a distraction to forget it
    Something to add to your collection
    Now back to work and no more questions

    A fair trade, you'd say?
    A fair trade?

    Biding my time as it's slipping out of view
    I'll feel just fine when I fake it like you do
    Get back in line
    It's our duty to consume
    Demand, supply
    Never mind who's being used

    Automaton is your position
    So disinfected and efficient
    All of the pain you feel - it isn't
    Go buy yourself a little present

  • 04:30 Lyrics Stuck in Place

    It's been a long, long day
    Feels like I'm stuck in place
    And out of words to say
    I can't explain
    I've given all I can
    To meet the world's demands
    I watch all of my plans
    Fall through my hands

    No remedy
    To ease my mind
    When everything
    Gets left behind

    It's been a long, long time
    Since I had peace of mind
    I'm living by design
    That isn't mine
    I'll give you everything
    That I have left in me
    But can you help me please
    Stop struggling?

  • 04:50 Lyrics Turn to Stone

    Lie to myself just enough to make it through
    Lie to you so that you see what you want to
    It's no surprise
    That over time
    I ossify
    Harden inside
    A change so slow
    It never shows
    How I've grown cold

    Turn to stone
    My heart erodes
    A hardened soul
    My only hope

    Erase myself until I'm cold and fake like you
    Replace myself with a statued substitute
    It's no surprise
    That over time
    I ossify
    Harden inside
    A change so slow
    It never shows
    How I've grown cold

  • 07:03 Lyrics Stumbling

    Stumbling's how you'll find me
    Clumsy in my attempts at ease
    To find some place and hide away
    From reality dressed up as fake

    There's no easy way
    For me to stay the same and play your part
    Before I even start
    I get caught off guard and fall apart

    I'm held in place by what I hold
    But I can't choose to let it go
    So try to hide what I can't help but show
    Stumbling to try to cope

    Crumbling, don't look at me
    Another sad curiosity
    Stuck underneath a subtlety
    That falls apart in its self defeat

    Stumble into hope