The Ism - Carousel


by The Ism

Released August 2015
Replay Records
Released August 2015
Replay Records
  • 02:44 Lyrics Sell It Off

    So much for simplicity
    Navigating currencies
    Happy workday memories
    Gather up your dignity

    Sell it off for cheap
    And go right back to sleep
    You won't feel a thing
    Sell it off for cheap

    So much for the simple dream
    Graces faded in between
    Taking's for the offering
    Gather up your ends and means

    You can pretend like it's not going on
    Means to an end all depends on which end you're on

  • 02:31 Lyrics Paper Chase

    Left open
    Made rotten
    Real pain
    Let's drain it
    De-vein it
    More or less
    Let's taint it

    The paper chase is
    A shameless waste
    Give anything for
    That disappointing taste

    Just like it's
    A rabbit
    Whose clocks ticks
    For nothing
    A habit
    A has-been
    The hole we
    were raised in

    You want it all

  • 02:14 Lyrics Plebes

    Pawns lined up in pretty rows
    Doing what they're told
    Sound like anyone you know?
    Let's pretend we're in control
    Doing what we're told
    2+2=5 more proles

    A pageantry of peasantry
    Bought and sold, diseased
    The plebes

    Supplicants taught to follow
    Playing out their roles
    Sound like what your mirror shows?
    Let's pretend like we don't know
    Doing what we're told
    So important, so disposed

  • 04:53 Lyrics Enough

    I wanted this to mean more than it does
    Strangers faces in the place of us
    I wanted this to be more than it was
    A consolation wasting in the sun
    I tried my best to be just who I was
    And when it didn't work I gave it up
    I wanted trust to be the food of love
    I starved myself, you never had enough

    When is it enough?
    Isn't it enough?
    When is it enough? 

    I'm falling backwards
    Reaching for something that makes sense
    Keep falling faster
    Making something from nothing left

    I did my best to please, and saw the sum
    The gifts we get are gone and getting judged
    I wanted yes to be more than a crutch
    An automatic answer on our tongues
    I looked for anything to pick me up
    I hung myself each time I came undone
    I wanted less to be more than enough
    I made a beggar out of everyone

    Better soon is never being good enough
    Better soon is what we use to keep this up
    Better soon but what's the use if nothing's left?

  • 04:44 Lyrics Carousel

    Running on
    Never ends
    Crawling infant
    Hardly witnessed
    Life's half bend
    Folding, forming
    Caught inside
    The twisted slide
    Waiting for the catch
    Are you living on a strip?
    Misleading, repeating?

    All been on the carousel so long
    Hard to avoid the serpent's gentle song

    Is it sin
    Love's half twin
    Wanting, longing
    More than this
    Simple twist
    Choosing what's confusing
    Bend some light
    That we can see
    What you're thinkiing

    Infinite design
    Humbling, Divine


  • 02:17 Lyrics Hiding To Nothing

    Bored integrity
    Integrated clean
    By the book and
    Bought it hook and
    Line, sinker, complete

    You can call it what you want to
    On a hiding to nothing
    You can fight it if you want to
    No one's caring what you think

    Hold the standard line
    Dormant biding time
    Wasting got the
    Wanting bought and
    Sold for peace of mind

  • 04:22 Lyrics Orwell's Dog

    Rico's Buttercrisps (tm)