The Universe, Thieves, and Chuckanut Drive

The Universe, Thieves, and Chuckanut Drive

Hey everyone, hope your worlds are all intact and orbiting nice and steady. First, for those who are interested, current events for Stillframe are as follows:

-          Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support us at the Juanita's show on July 27th, we had a great time! Original music often has a hard time finding a home, and seeing so many of you actively interested in it makes it all more than worthwhile, it makes it fun, and I wish I could express our gratitude to you enough. For those who missed it…

-          The next Juanita's show is on Nov. 9th at 8:00pm, let me know if you're interested in attending and we'll make sure to hook you up with discounted tickets!

-          In the meantime, we're playing Vino's on Sept. 4th, and there's rumors of an impromptu acoustic get-together at Adair Park here in Hot Springs on Sept. 5th…

-          As always, be sure to check out if you're on myspace, and add us as friends. It's good for your karmic balance to be nice to us.

So I think that concludes Stillframe business; now for the irrelevant personal babble…

   In the "music I like" department, I recently happened to, um, happen across a band I really dig, called Chuckanut Drive. They're a country/rock band out of WA, and their album, 'The Crooked Mile Home' is absolutely great. Mind you, I'm really not a country fan at all– that should speak to how good their songwriting is. 'The Crooked Mile Home' is a concept album about…well, I'm not going to lessen its potential impact on you with feeble attempts at explaining it, just go check it out when you're feeling musically adventurous, I bet you'll dig it, too!

   In the "bummer" department, some enterprising ass recently broke into our car, right in our carport, to rob us of cds, among a few paltry other items; many were cds by local bands that I've gone to see over the years. To the creep(s) responsible, thanks a lot for that. I can't tell you how much I hope you make a little more noise next time, I'd really love to meet you.
    Apparently, there's been a rash of break-ins like this in Hot Springs as of late, which is just sad. Nevermind about stealing, or material possessions - in a world that's constantly blaring commercials/carhorns/telephones, with lights on 24 hours a day and a pace set at the speed of lightning, the only respite we often get is the sanctity of our homes, and to those stupid/addicted/apathetic enough to deprive people of that sanctity…well, you're pathetic, and I hope you get what you deserve.

    In the "Miscellaneous/I am a Geek" department, the Perseid meteor showers peak tomorrow I think, which is fun for me since I'm into astronomy. If you've never thrown a blanket down and stared at the stars all night, I highly recommend it.

So, to summarize:

Crooks are bad.
Stars, meteor showers, and Chuckanut Drive are good.

    Which means Good is still winning, right?

Take Care,
Charlie Griggs

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