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Well, erm, uh... it's been awhile. :)
The upside of absence is the multitude of things to catch up on, so here's what's going on right now:

- Shelter's 2nd offering, "Turn to Stone", is finished and you'll soon be (or already are, depending on when you read this) able to check it out both here and on our cdbaby page. Scott Hulsey and I recorded most of the instrumentation for them in 2011, so it was a fun challenge to revisit and finish them. I'm really proud of these songs, and it's nice to get them to the light of day finally.

- The Ism's 2nd album, "Carousel", is also complete now, and you can check it out here or on cdbaby. Jesse, Nathan and I each took recording duties on the songs, and I'm thrilled with the results; all the way down to (and especially so) the artwork. I can't say enough how lucky I am to be able to make art with two people who are not only my dear friends, but absolute badass musicians and artists as well.

Both of the above projects were a long time coming, and I'm elated to finally call them finished; I really think they hold some of my (and our) best work to date. Although I guess the process of assembling everything into album form might be considered a quaint throwback nowadays, I really like cataloging our progress and capturing a point in time...hence the "Stillframe" thing. :) speaking of which...

- I'm four songs into my 4th Stillframe album at the moment, and I'm working on getting them recorded as well as writing some more material. If I get any demos worth uploading in the meantime, I'll post a link to them here!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new music!

Charlie Griggs

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