An Introduction, I guess...

Hi Everyone/Anyone,

   I’m just moving in, thanks for checking this out. If you don’t know me, my name’s Charlie Griggs, and this is the site for my solo project, Stillframe. I also play rhythm guitar and sing for the band Shelter (shameless plug 1:

   Shelter is a band that’s turned into something really cool for me; it started out when I met Scott Hulsey by joining up with another band, and we kind of just went from there as songwriting partners. With a changing rhythm section roster, I finally managed to get Mike Vallejo to come play bass for us. Since then it’s become a three person collaborative, which is a lot of fun; ideas get blended, slashed, turned upside down, and a million other things until they become a Shelter song, and the process is great, aside from the obvious benefits and learning that writing with two other accomplished songwriters can bring. It’s been amazing to see what three people with different tastes and styles can do to a song, and with the recording being in the vocals - then mixing - then done! stage, with any luck those of you that haven’t already heard us will get to soon!

   But before Shelter, I was holed up working on my own material; stuff that either was too ’left-field’ for Shelter, or was too precious to me to let it get blended; that’s what Stillframe is all about. These are songs that I’ve written and played alone, some from years ago and some recently, along with my own artwork (I’d love to hear what you think of the backgrounds on this site and the other one mentioned shortly!). I’m at about the same stage in the recording process with this as I am Shelter (two albums in tandem proves to be a pretty big task!), and I plan to have it done and released in July of this year.

    Aside from this site, I’ve also set up a myspace site,(shameless plug 2), please drop by and add me as a friend if you're into that kind of thing! Like this site, it’s brand-new, so please check back often as I’ll have it updated as quickly as I possibly can.

   I’ve only got an instrumental clip set up right now, but soon I’ll have something more substantial for you to check out; in the meantime, I’d really love to hear some feedback from you, be it good/bad/indifferent! Thanks again for stopping by, hope to hear from you!


Charlie Griggs

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