1. Enough

From the recording Carousel


I wanted this to mean more than it does 
Strangers faces in the place of us
I wanted this to be more than it was 
A consolation wasting in the sun
I tried my best to be just who I was
And when it didn't work I gave it up
I wanted trust to be the fruit of love
I starved myself, you never had enough

Isn't it enough? 
When is it enough? 

I'm falling backwards
Reaching for something that makes sense
Keep falling backwards
Making something from nothing left

I did my best to please and saw the sum 
The gifts we get are gone and getting judged
I wanted yes to be more than a crutch
An automatic answer on our tongue
I looked for anything to pick me up
I hung myself each time I came undone
I wanted less to be more than enough
I made a beggar out of everyone

Better soon is never being good enough
Better soon is what we use to keep this up
Better soon but what's the use if nothing's left?