1. Hot Jacket

From the recording Get Things


VERSEhe's looking out for youhe's got yr money toonext time you better think it thruyou better think outside yr headhe's watching what you dohe's got it in for youwatch out this afternoonyr gonna think of things to saa-a-ayhe's coming after youhot jacket and shiny bootsgot a thing or two to provebut no one ever looks that waa-a-aycheck out that other dudehe's looking over youpast bills are overduegotta pay them when you canits not that hard for youbut its not that easy toosomeday yr gonna wish that youhad figured out a thing to saa-a-aydon't cut yr life in twodon't spend yr money dudetonight yr gonna come ungluedand take a trip outside yr head WAAAAOOOOWW!!!