1. The Lepers

From the recording Something Gone


It’s not getting better, it won’t let me be
Torn apart together, take what’s left of me
Hold on for the comfort that I thought it gave
Bleeding for another but you bleed the same

This cutting me, is my release
And out of reach, you won’t see me

Falling, to my knees. I’m
Withdrawing, withering.
What you
Want that I can’t be. I can’t
Quiet voices screaming in my head

I cannot forget her purging memory
Telling me “forever” as I watch you leave
Hold each other for the comfort that it gives
Bleeding for each other in our sacrilege

Ready to throw myself, give myself to all of the words you said.
I believed you.
All of the things I try end up the same.
End with me wearing the cost of your game.