1. Fade

From the recording Fade


VERSECoping, but it's openAnd it feels like it won't heal:This place I kept for you.Wish I could just rewindI would give away my years,For another with youPRE-CHORUS
But I don't belong,I turn and runAway from how I feelI wish you were here.I wish you were here.And it all goes wrong,I'm not so strong,Without you it's not clear.I wish you were here.I wish you were here.I wish you were here. I wish you were here.
CHORUSBut you fade awayJust a little more each dayIt's so sad to sayYou're a name without a face
VERSEStaying, but it's palingJust to weather every yearBeing here without you. All my seasons blow byJust a backdrop to my tears.Cold and sad without you.