1. Wandering

From The Recordings Html


VERSEChokeOn the smokeOf the bridges you've burnedYou'll never learnYou'll never learnGoOn your ownGive up all that you getYou've got nothing leftYou've got nothing left at allCHORUSWhen you're wanderingAway from everyone that caresYou can't blame yourselfBut you might as wellBecause no one else is thereVERSEHope Against hopeThat it's all a bad dreamIt's just as it seemsIt's just as it seemsSo leaveEverythingFor a place in your mindThat you'll never findYou'll never find it at allBRIDGECan see it through you, what's making you moveThere's nothing to prove inside their mindsEasier to hide or straight out deny than faceBut is there someplace...?The harder you chase, the further away it gets