1. The Moments

From the recording Turn to Stone


VERSEFind myself content to beWatching, waiting in the wingsContagious commodity, the sirens singSearching for the words to saySpeak them as they go awayHoping that to you they mean somethingPRE-CHORUSI'm afraid to speak outside of subtletyA device I use to mask my honestyBut if I admit the way I really feelEverything I call a dream you claim is realCHORUSBut it's out of reach, right in front of meWhat I want to be is what I'm lackingHiding constantly what is underneathMakes the moments seem bittersweetVERSEWish that I could be the sameDisparate and unashamedLook at all the changing shapes, the sirens sayTake a parcel piece of meAnything you want to seeI'm yours for the offering, so it would seem