1. Enough

From The Recordings Html


VERSEI wanted this to mean more than it doesStrangers faces in the place of usI wanted this to be more than it wasA consolation wasting in the sunI tried my best to be just who I wasAnd when it didn't work I gave it upI wanted trust to be the food of loveI starved myself, you never had enough
PRE-CHORUSWhen is it enough? Isn't it enough? When is it enough? 
CHORUSI'm falling backwardsReaching for something that makes senseKeep falling fasterMaking something from nothing left
VERSEI did my best to please, and saw the sum The gifts we get are gone and getting judgedI wanted yes to be more than a crutchAn automatic answer on our tonguesI looked for anything to pick me upI hung myself each time I came undoneI wanted less to be more than enoughI made a beggar out of everyone
BRIDGEBetter soon is never being good enoughBetter soon is what we use to keep this upBetter soon but what's the use if nothing's left?