1. Hot Jacket

From the recording Get Things


he's looking out for you
he's got yr money too
next time you better think it thru
you better think outside yr head
he's watching what you do
he's got it in for you
watch out this afternoon
yr gonna think of things to saa-a-ay

he's coming after you
hot jacket and shiny boots
got a thing or two to prove
but no one ever looks that waa-a-ay

check out that other dude
he's looking over you
past bills are overdue
gotta pay them when you can
its not that hard for you
but its not that easy too
someday yr gonna wish that you
had figured out a thing to saa-a-ay

don't cut yr life in two
don't spend yr money dude
tonight yr gonna come unglued
and take a trip outside yr head WAAAAOOOOWW!!!