Update for March

Current Events of Some Importance to You, Possibly:

- Care of Afton Live, Stillframe is playing at Juanita’s on May 3rd, along with Maywood Park, Don’t Touch, Nightly Massacre, and Anna Ruth. I’ve got Scott Hulsey and Patrick Naven helping out on bass and drums, respectively. We’ve been hard at work jamming on the material, and we’re pretty excited about it! Tickets are on sale for $8 pre-show (contact us, or you can get them directly off http://www.stillframeband.com/products.html), or $10 at the door. The show starts at 5pm, it’s all ages, bar w/ID, and you should go; you need to get out more. Or maybe you don’t, but you should make an exception in this case…

- With Shelter’s album finished, I’ve been digging in on the 2nd Stillframe album, ‘It All Comes Down’. Drum and initial guitar tracks are finished, and even though I’m risking jinxing myself by saying it, I’m really happy with how it’s turning out so far. We’re going to be performing some of the new material at the Juanita’s show also, so it’ll be nice to see how everyone reacts to it!

- It’s a weekend full of jamming for me, happily. I had the pleasure of jamming with E. Is For Giraffe last night, which was a lot of fun. Extremely talented guys, and fun to hang out with – a rare combination! It’s so great to be in a room with people that are really communicating through their instruments with one another; so many times jamming just becomes noise, with everyone talking at once, but when you get the chance to play with musicians that intuitively give and take when it’s appropriate, it’s a humbling experience; it’s sculpting with sound. Tonight it’s Stillframe practice, which has been going great and also a lot of fun, and tomorrow Scott and I will hopefully get to go hang out Widow’s Garden, which if you’ve looked around at my website you’ll know I respect the hell out of! Recording necessitates a lot of being locked up alone in a room, so getting to enjoy all these musicians this weekend is like water in the desert to me, and that’s not even mentioning everything I learn from getting to hang out with them; thanks, everyone!

Current Events of Lesser-to-No Importance to You, Definitely:

- I woke up and broke my toe this morning. Pinkie toe, the left one. The cowardly furniture should be ashamed of itself; the Pinkie toe can’t even defend itself. If the first thing that happens when you get out of bed is a part of you breaking, you should be allowed an extra hour of sleep, I think.

- Ash and I are moving. Someplace where my toes can live in relative safety, and can run and play without fear of being stubbed.

   Hope we see you at Juanita’s on May 3rd, thanks for stopping by!
Charlie Griggs

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