Hey everyone, hope that you're all well. Here's the month's musings, for whatever worth they hold:

 - For the totally addicted web-surfers, or the terminally bored, we now have a presence at the following sites:





   Go check 'em out if you're interested in ringtones, mp3's, or another place to get the album through; more sites are coming soon.
Thanks to everyone who's downloaded the album so far, I really appreciate it!

 - Anyone paying attention to the calendar may have noticed that it's, um, blank. I had a few shows posted that, unfortunately, won't
end up happening due to scheduling conflicts and life in general. My sincere apologies to anyone who had planned attending one of
these shows; I hate the unprofessional act of cancelling a performance. This caused me to take some time to reflect on what the best
path is for me, at least artistically speaking...
    In my mind, I feel like live original music is an awesome thing; bands like Tsui Generiz, The Muddlestuds, Widow's Garden, they've
each put on shows that I absolutely loved and had a great time at. Being a musician and a fan at the same time, I feel like I really get
my money's worth going to see them; the same talent of the 'big' major label bands (some, including me, would argue more!), but it
doesn't require that you sell one of your organs to pay for the tickets, and you can actually approach them and tell them how much
their music affects you. This, added in with the intimacy of smaller club settings, has made going to see these and other "underground"
bands such an enjoyable experience for me.
    As for playing one of these shows, well, there's nothing like it, as anyone who's ever done it will tell you. Artistically, it's the most direct
way to throw your work out to others and get their response to it. Socially, it's one of the best highs you can get, to have a stranger
come up to you and tell you that you've connected with them, said what they felt in a way that touched them. Alcoholically, the drinks
are usually free!

    But as much FUN as it is, as great as the thrill of it feels...
    Live performance is a separate medium.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it doesn't require great musicianship; I've learned a lot from having to recover onstage that I couldn't
have learned anywhere else, and playing well in spite of the adrenalin, distractions, fear, and everything else that comes with being onstage
is a test of musicianship that, again, you're not going to find anywhere else.
    I'm just saying that to me, it's a separate medium, one that requires a different set of rules, and a different set of considerations in regards
to the material you're writing and performing. Look at The Beatles; 'She Loves You' translated just fine in a live setting, but once they ventured
off into 'I Am The Walrus' or 'Strawberry Fields Forever', it became a near impossibility to perform that music in a live format. And, while you
might be lucky enough to have seen one of your favorite bands in concert, it's the albums that you cleave to; they're eternal, there for you
whenever you want or need them. The memory of a live performance is a great thing, but having the music with you is what affects your life,
carries you through the hard times or gives your own soundtrack to the happy times in your life. While I'm likely to remember the awesome
Tool concert I went to when I hear 'The Grudge', or the energy of the room at the REM concert when I hear 'Horse To Water', it's the memory
of pulling the car to the side of the road when I first heard Tool, finding comfort and kinship when I really needed it in REM, that transformative
moment when first heard 'Sgt. Pepper's' and thought "I want to make that sound!", or my friend Josh turning me on to Nirvana when we were
kids, that ultimately means more to me, and thus makes the music more than just music; it's a piece of me, and a portal back through my
memories. THAT's the sound that I want to make.
    I don't claim to be as great as any of the artists that have affected me this way, or even as great as any of the "underground" groups I've had
the chance to see live; for you, I offer what I do only because I'm compelled to, because it feels like what I'm supposed to do. If for some
awesome reason it connects with you, or you feel some kind of kinship to it, then I want to be able to give you something eternal for it. And for
me, I want to be without constaints in what I create; I want to test my limits beyond what's acheivable in a group of people on a stage, or at least
have the freedom to explore that territory without misgivings or second thoughts.
   So, that means that it's back to the room with me. I'm going to start working on the second album. The songs are already lined out, it's just time
to get them recorded! If a live opportunity presents itself and it's something that can be done, I'm not against taking it; I just wanted to let anyone
who cares know that I'm not flaky, lazy, or quitting. I hope that it makes sense to you! And I'd love to hear your thoughts on it; how does music
affect you the most?
   That's all for now; I'll post progress on the new recording as it progresses. Hope life goes well for you in the meantime!

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