New News 

Well, erm, uh... it's been awhile. :)
The upside of absence is the multitude of things to catch up on, so here's what's going on right now:

- Shelter's 2nd offering, "Turn to Stone", is finished and you'll soon be (or already are, depending on when you read this) able to check it out both here and on our cdbaby page. Scott Hulsey and I recorded most of the instrumentation for them in 2011, so it was a fun challenge to revisit and finish them. I'm really proud of these songs, and it's nice to get them to the…

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Noteworthy News (Subjectively Speaking) 

Noteworthy News (Subjectively Speaking) as of Late:

- We had a blast at The Village show on Sept. 25th. I think it was the best show we’ve played so far, and it definitely goes in my all-time Top Ten shows I’ve played! It was great to catch up with all the bands we’ve played with before, as well as getting the chance to meet some new acts we weren’t familiar with. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us! We don’t have any other shows scheduled as of right now, but rest assured I’ll put it up on the…

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Hey everyone, thanks for checking in. Not a lot in the way of words this time around, but the actions they describe have kept me pretty busy as of late:

- “It All Comes Down” is almost complete; I’m playing with some harmonies and last-minute instrument additions while working out a final mix. While I haven’t set a solid release date as of yet, my intention is to have it ready in time for…

- …The show we’re playing at The Village in Little Rock on Sept. 25th! Tickets will be available on www.stillframeban

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Kind Words 

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the silence recently; I’ve been holed up trying to move the recording of ‘It All Comes Down’ forward, and thus necessarily reclusive. Since I don’t have a lot to say lately, I’ll let some others do the talking. Here are a couple of kind reviews I received recently:

Stillframe – Deeper Than I Thought
A review by Jef Peace
Senior Partner, PeaceWork Music Net

Having reviewed dozens (possibly hundreds) of albums, only three have made it into my private collection…

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Update for March 

Current Events of Some Importance to You, Possibly:

- Care of Afton Live, Stillframe is playing at Juanita’s on May 3rd, along with Maywood Park, Don’t Touch, Nightly Massacre, and Anna Ruth. I’ve got Scott Hulsey and Patrick Naven helping out on bass and drums, respectively. We’ve been hard at work jamming on the material, and we’re pretty excited about it! Tickets are on sale for $8 pre-show (contact us, or you can get them directly off, or $10 at the door…

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Quick Update 

Hey Everyone,
    Hope your holidays went well. Sorry for the silence, aside from the bustle of the season I’ve been pretty busy lately. Here’s the latest:

- Shelter’s first album, ‘Something Gone’, is finally done!!

- I’m working on putting it on the store page at, along with a CDBaby page and others that I’ll list later. For now, you can listen to some of the tracks at I’ll also post them in the Music section of soon. Let us…

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Question Authority 

Hey everyone, hope that you’re all doing well. Here’s this month’s installment of ‘Prattle For The Bored’…

- Shelter news: Scott and I are finishing up vocals on the Shelter album, and should start mixing in the next week or two. Cutting vocals consists of standing in my closet, which is padded by mattress egg-crating on all sides, and singing or screaming at the top of your lungs at this crating with as much emotion as possible; in other words, getting really mad in a padded room. Lotsa fun!

- We…

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Just Current Events... 

Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well. To catch you up on current events over here…

I’m starting off this one with some news of my other project, Shelter. As you might know if you’ve ever looked around on this website, Shelter is a band I’ve been in for the past couple of years; Scott Hulsey and I are the co-writers, we both handle guitar and vocal duties, with Jason McKinney on drums and Mike Vallejo on bass. If you haven’t done so yet, check us out at - the site is kinda…

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Hey everyone, hope that you're all well. Here's the month's musings, for whatever worth they hold:

 - For the totally addicted web-surfers, or the terminally bored, we now have a presence at the following sites:




Amazon: http://www.

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The Universe, Thieves, and Chuckanut Drive 

The Universe, Thieves, and Chuckanut Drive

Hey everyone, hope your worlds are all intact and orbiting nice and steady. First, for those who are interested, current events for Stillframe are as follows:

-          Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support us at the Juanita's show on July 27th, we had a great time! Original music often has a hard time finding a home, and seeing so many of you actively interested in it makes it all more than worthwhile, it makes it fun, and I wish I could express…

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