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Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well. To catch you up on current events over here…

I’m starting off this one with some news of my other project, Shelter. As you might know if you’ve ever looked around on this website, Shelter is a band I’ve been in for the past couple of years; Scott Hulsey and I are the co-writers, we both handle guitar and vocal duties, with Jason McKinney on drums and Mike Vallejo on bass. If you haven’t done so yet, check us out at www.myspace.com/thebandshelter - the site is kinda lean on new info right now, but we’ll have plenty up there soon!!!

- Shelter is reconvening for a Halloween show in Little Rock, put on by Jester’s. It’s called the Vampire Ball, and it’s at the Fraternal Order of the Eagle. This is our first show in about a year now, so we’re really excited to get back out and play! We’re sharing the billing with 3 other bands, WishTribe, McCuen, and Eden Crow. Tickets are $15 at the door, and they’re also having a costume contest and some other stuff going on; hope we see you there!

- Scott and I are currently working on laying the vocals for Shelter’s first album (as yet untitled). There are 15 tracks we’re working with right now, and while we haven’t decided if all will make it to the final finished product, we’re confident with the work we’ve done so far. We’re anticipating a release date of January 2009, hopefully sooner!

So, you may be asking – what’s up with Stillframe, then…? 

- Last month I mentioned that my focus is shifting to recording more than doing live shows; as you can tell from the above, I’m still managing to get my kicks with the live aspect, as well as having a lot of studio work to accomplish! I’m working in tandem right now on both Shelter and Stillframe; as of this writing, the drum tracks for Stillframe - ‘It All Comes Down’ are mostly finished, they just require some tweaking and messing with. Once those are done, it’s guitar tracking time, the most wonderful time of the year! I think it’s my favorite part of recording; every other aspect of it can get tedious, but I can play guitar all day long and still want to keep going…

- I’ll be  uploading ‘Afterthought’ into the New! website that ClearChannel is tied to this week, and I’ll post a link on here soon for anyone who would like to hear it. Please give it a listen if you have the time!

- We’re working away at getting the music out to a few different places on the internet; I’ll leave a new list on here next month, for those of you who like to surf!

That’s all the music-related news for now, at least all that I can think of. Hope to see you at the Vampire Ball!

Charlie Griggs

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