Quick Update

Hey Everyone,
    Hope your holidays went well. Sorry for the silence, aside from the bustle of the season I’ve been pretty busy lately. Here’s the latest:

- Shelter’s first album, ‘Something Gone’, is finally done!!

- I’m working on putting it on the store page at www.stillframeband.com, along with a CDBaby page and others that I’ll list later. For now, you can listen to some of the tracks at www.myspace.com/thebandshelter. I’ll also post them in the Music section of www.stillframeband.com soon. Let us know what you think!

- Stillframe: I’m finishing the drums for my second album, to be titled ‘It All Comes Down’ this week. If you’ve read anything here recently you might find this redundant, since I’ve been messing with the drums on this one for some time. Well, the truth is, I’m having to re-do all of them to fit a different format; I was told recently of a new program that does drums way better than anything I’ve messed with up to this point. Dubious? My source is a 2,000 year old ninja master, who occasionally speaks through one of my good friends. Maybe you’re brazen enough to question the word of a 2,000 year old ninja master, but I, for one, am not…

- We’ve been spending a lot of our time working on the internet lately, and one of the new sites that I’ve found (and really like) is www.ourstage.com; it’s an online battle-of-the-bands type of site, but it’s done very nicely and fairly. My favorite part of it is getting to actively participate in the charts; whether you sign up as a fan or an artist, you get to judge/rank songs from a large selection of indie bands. There’s a lot of really great music on this site, so if you’re bored you should check it out!

- More info on ‘It All Comes Down’ next month!

That’s the major news I can think of right now. I’m sure there’s more I’ve left out…check back soon!

Charlie Griggs

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