Hey everyone, thanks for checking in. Not a lot in the way of words this time around, but the actions they describe have kept me pretty busy as of late:

- “It All Comes Down” is almost complete; I’m playing with some harmonies and last-minute instrument additions while working out a final mix. While I haven’t set a solid release date as of yet, my intention is to have it ready in time for…

- …The show we’re playing at The Village in Little Rock on Sept. 25th! Tickets will be available on soon, get them from us before the show and save $2 per ticket. We’re sharing the bill with Spinning Jenny and Anna Ruth so far, as soon as I find out the other acts I’ll post them up here as well.

- As you can see, The Village is an amazing venue to get to play, especially on a Friday nite. We’re extremely excited to get the opportunity, and we’re really counting on YOU (yes, you!) to help us make this the best show we’ve played, we hope to see you there!

That’s all that’s news right now, at least all that I can think of. Check back soon for more details on the show, tickets, and some tracks from the new album!
Charlie Griggs

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