Noteworthy News (Subjectively Speaking)

Noteworthy News (Subjectively Speaking) as of Late:

- We had a blast at The Village show on Sept. 25th. I think it was the best show we’ve played so far, and it definitely goes in my all-time Top Ten shows I’ve played! It was great to catch up with all the bands we’ve played with before, as well as getting the chance to meet some new acts we weren’t familiar with. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us! We don’t have any other shows scheduled as of right now, but rest assured I’ll put it up on the site as soon as we do.

- There’s a new website out,, which is focused on providing reviews and exposure for independent artists. They’re currently featuring ‘Deeper Than I Thought’ reviews (they even gave it a front page spot!) and links, among several other artists’ reviews. I’ve made tentative arrangements to help out as a reviewer, so if you’re an independent musician with a finished cd that you’d like to see get some exposure and criticism (or if you’d like to show some support for independent music and the kind folks who are making an effort to get it noticed), PLEASE go check them out!

- I’m going through the process of making ‘It All Comes Down’ available through digital download, I’ll have that info up on the store page soon. I’ve had some recent reservations with the distributor we’ve used so far, but with a little luck all the problems are past. In the meantime, for anyone who’s interested in a physical copy of the cd, please email me at

- Shelter is reconvening to begin work on our next album, tentatively titled ‘Turn To Stone’. We’re currently in the writing/polishing stages with the songs, but the material sounds promising and we’re pleased with the results so far. I’ll divulge more info as soon as I can! Oh, and speaking of other exciting projects I’m involved in…

- …The Ism are coming…

Charlie Griggs

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